Market Research

Market Research

We design Ad-Hoc online/offline qualitative and quantitative market research for companies’ specific needs, adding the advantage of our business consultancy experience.

We do not just execute market research and present its results as a report. In addition, we analyse the results of the report and present them with the next step and road map suggestions according to conditions and needs.

Our market research services fully include moderation, recruitment, fieldwork, online surveys, CATI surveys, reporting.

PureMind applies the scientific and ethical rules and quality standards determined by ESOMAR in all its research projects.

Customer Research & Segmentation
Active listening, combined with sophisticated analytics and segmentation techniques, is our speciality within B2B marketing. Our services help clients deliver superior customer experiences and increase profitability and loyalty.
Product, Proposition & Pricing

We help B2B businesses innovate and profitably price their product, proposition, and services through our end-to-end price, proposition, and prospect research solution. We help you understand your customer’s needs and develop a lasting pricing strategy to help you achieve success.

Market & Opportunities (Market Segmentation)
Using our market and opportunity research, B2B businesses can develop successful and sustainable go-to-market plans. The range of services we offer includes helping you identify the market size, assessing the competitor landscape, devising suitable routes to market, and crafting a compelling proposition aligned with the market’s needs.
Brand & Communications

We offer clients a solution for measuring brand value and tracking brand health over time. With our help, you can develop a brand proposition that connects with your target market, delivers maximum value, achieves loyalty and generates new business.


We provide market research services for social and cultural institutions. Managing an increasingly demanding population and reaching diverse audiences is challenging. We understand your challenges. That’s why we provide you with insights based on real discovery. We provide you with strategic insights and clarity so that you can move forward confidently. Our research uncovers new insights into the perceptions, perspectives, and emotions of your customers.

Retail & Shopper
Our retail market research and shopper insight services help the UK and international companies to understand shoppers and buy habits. We assist brand owners, retailers, and shopping centres with their market research and insight needs.
Research for Agencies
If you are an agency that needs a highly reliable source of information for your client, PureMind has the solution you need. Our team understands that you want to impress your clients with insight that will impact their reputation, brand and growth.
Our team of experts can help you provide your clients with perceptive insight – whether you are tracking their marketing performance or evaluating customer satisfaction, or you are exploring the possibilities for future product development.
It is important to us to establish long-standing relationships and have a collaborative approach, which allows us to assist you as an extension of your team. Our team mix traditional qualitative and quantitative techniques with the latest innovations to provide profound, strategic insight to our clients. For both B2B and consumer markets.
Employee Survey
Employee satisfaction levels contribute to reduced turnover and improved employee engagement. Employee engagement surveys are the perfect way to gather employees’ opinions, see things clearly, and engage in strategic decision-making that will benefit your organisation.
Our Employee Surveys offer insightful and cost-effective solutions that are easy to use. While online and email surveys provide low-cost solutions, we also offer other methods, including telephone interviews, paper surveys, and face-to-face interviews.
Business & B2B
We deliver market research consulting coupled with expertise in business strategy, marketing and business management. You can count on us to provide you with commercially sensible and professional advice that will help you optimise your business. Providing you with fast, accurate, and actionable customer insight allows you to better understand your customers’ needs and eventually help you grow your business. Since we know very well that every organisation is unique, we tailor our B2B market research approaches to meet your organisation’s specific needs. The methodology we use includes a range of qualitative research techniques and telephone and online surveys for businesses.
UX Testing
Brands can enhance their user experiences through UX research, behavioural analytics and market insights. In an era when their digital experiences increasingly define brands, research that uncovers true behaviour and develops rich audience empathy has become crucial to success. We help our clients develop enhanced products and services, engaging experiences and robust brand communications using a multidisciplinary approach to qualitative, quantitative, and behavioural research. We use a range of exploratory qualitative and quantitative solutions to uncover genuine behaviour; discover what audiences actually do, see and experience when they engage with your brand, products, services or content.
Brand Health Tracking

You can better understand the impacts of brand building through brand tracking research.
Using these data from brand tracking research results, you can find out how many potential customers know about your brand, whether they are aware of you, and how your brand compares against your competitors.
It is crucial to understand consumer perceptions of your brand to identify your ideal customer, monitor your brand’s health, and align all your messaging to the target audience.

Concept Testing

During the concept testing stage, the purpose is to examine the acceptance of an innovative idea by a potential target audience and the chances of a product being successful on the market in its initial development stage. A concept test provides valuable insights that help to optimise the product before launch. Furthermore, it plays a vital role in the positioning and segmentation of target groups. It is therefore not necessary to have a finished product to conduct concept testing. It is enough to have a formulated idea of what a product or service will be.

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