About PureMind

Founded in 2017, PureMind is a consultancy company that think, devise, develop, produce, and manage.

Founded by Y. Doruktan Türker, who has more than 25 years of experience in the consultancy, media, technology and event sectors PureMind has served dozens of international companies to date. Each project is managed by project teams formed by independent and international experts competent in their fields.

To Think
Thinking is a conscious and active action. Just by thinking, you manage a cognitive process that makes new connections and creates meaning. We put ‘thinking’ at the centre of PureMind. We start every day by thinking, and we end every day by thinking.
To Devise
For us, devising means exploring, inventing or planning a new way of doing something. We connect the known with the hitherto unthought. Before we set off towards the destination, we learn the conditions of the place we are going to, make all our preparations and determine our route.
To Develop
We evolve ideas, products, methods, and solutions we think and design to the best with new experiences, information and knowledge gained along the way. We know that development is endless, and we manage stronger and more enlightened projects every day.
To Produce
We turn ideas that mature on paper into living organisms. We are thrilled to place the resulting products in a suitable habitat where they can exist in the healthiest way and ensure that they flourish in this ecosystem.
To Manage

Managing all these steps, without getting lost in it, with the proper distribution of duties and power, as a superior mind, enables the right manoeuvres to be made by noticing possible risks, threats and opportunities on time. To achieve this, we prefer a soft, developmental, cornerless and matrix structured methodology as a management approach.

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