Business Development

Business Development

Through more than 20 years of experience and a step-by-step strategy for business development, at PureMind, we developed a formula for success. The system is simple and effective to help your business grow. Initially, we will assess your current market status and position. We can assist in expanding your business by generating essential measures of performance. After identifying a business growth strategy, it is time to conduct market research and carry out corporate/internal benchmarking. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your current system and plans, we can create a new strategy that is tailored to your business and keeps you on track to being a profitable, strong, and vibrant business. A focused and measurable approach is essential in helping your business grow. Our step-by-step strategy guides your management team in unison. We work closely with you, scheduling meetings around your schedule and discussing your company’s future together.

Our Process


Detailed company review via workshop and interviews

X-Ray Report

X-Ray Report of the company and defining growth goals and metrics

Market research

Market research, benchmarks & gazing opportunities

business plan

Devising a business plan focused on growth, including the road map, milestones and goals


Helping the execution of the plan and supporting to make smooth strategy changes on the way

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